Webelos Woods

When we arrived at stagecraft at about 7:00pm it was raining and dark,but we all went and set up the equipment we needed for the next day. After we set up our equipment most of the scouts went to cracker barrel, where there were lots of scouts, and cookies. After cracker barrel the troop headed back to stagecraft to make sure everything was ready for tomorrow morning, then we all went to our adirondacks and went to sleep.


In the morning when we awoke two other scouts and I were late to help one of our adults set up the first batch of the apple crisp, but everything worked out because we still arrived to breakfast on time. Shortly after breakfast the troop had to go back to the station to prepare for the scouts to arrive. When the webelos arrived we started the stations inside of our rotation, the order was wash hands,prep food,learn about dutch ovens,eat the apple crisp and last but certainly not least,washing dishes. We repeated this until lunch where we ate with one of the Packs that were there,then we started rotations again. We continued doing rotations until the last two groups didn’t show up on time and it was time for cleaning up. We cleaned up our stations and went to dinner, where the extraordinary happened. When the leaders were trying to calm us down for campfire the power went out.Everyone thought it was that they had turned off the lights to get us all quiet , then they announced that it was a power outage and they didn’t want any to leave, for fear that they would get hurt. We continued with campfire and hung out in the dining hall until they announced that adults from all the groups could go get sleeping gear so we could sleep in the dining hall. The adults grabbed the gear then came back and we all set up our gear so we could prep to go to sleep,then at around 9:30 the power came on and about 10:00 they set up the movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. Some people watched it and then everyone went to theyre sleeping places and went to sleep.


In the morning everyone woke up and packed up all their gear and ate breakfast. Then they let us go back to our campsites and pack up our gear,so everyone did that then we packed up the trailer and got all ready to go so we could clean the bathrooms and leave. We cleaned the bathrooms and then we left.


Thorns: Ate too much, Being imprisoned in Dining hall, rain, wet, uncertainty in the plan, wet shoes

Rose: Stayed longer than planned, meeting webelos, apple crisp, staying in the dining hall, dutch ovens, team work

Bud: Bring warmer clothes, rainpaints, be a great leader,

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