Webelos Woods 2016

Historian Report for Webelos Woods (2016):

We arrived at Camp Meriwether Friday night and we started setting up our station at Stagecraft.  Then we went to our campside (Pirates) where we stayed the weekend.

The following morning we woke up and ate breakfast.  Then we went back to our station to welcome the Webelos to show them about outdoor cooking.  We worked together to teach each group of Webelos about making monkey bread, cooking with a Dutch oven, saying “grace” before meals, washing dishes and teaching them about water filtration.

At our last group, there was a lightning emergency so we all went to the dining hall to take shelter.  In the dining hall we played card games and ate dinner.  Then there was campfire where our troop did two songs and one skit.  We went back to camp craft to clearn up our station.  After the long tiring day we took a good night’s rest.

The next morning, we were assigned to do the trash sweep at the parade grounds and parking lot.  After check out, some of us went to the Tillamook Creamery for some treats.

It was a tiresome but fun weekend.

Thorns: Not recognizing the evacuation siren (Mr. Quirk), Gear Failure, Rain, Wet, forgot to bring pillow, people not listening to the SPL, Leg Wound, Smoke in eyes, undercooked bread,

Rose: teamwork, camping in Pirates area, Stagecraft area,  the time machine skit, learning to dutch oven cook, teaching to webelos.  Team agreed that outdoor cooking was really fun – and the troop should continue doing that activity.   The team liked the stagecraft area (not that last year’s team liked the homestead area too..)

Bud: haul less gear, fewer cub rotations, pack better, eat less monkey bread