Snow Caving at Devils Half Acre

The troop met at St. Andrews with a group of nine overnight campers and three day hikers. The troop drove to Devil’s half acre campground at Barlow pass. Everybody got out of the cars and put on their snowshoes and put on their packs. We all took a mile hike to the campout ground. Once we got there we started digging snow caves to sleep in. The weather was nice with some flurries. As time passed some buddy pairs made a snow cave to sleep in and the rest slept in tents. The night was cold and chilly. In the morning we destroyed snow caves and packed up. We took a hike back to the cars to go home.

Thorns (What we didn’t like):  The long uphill climb out of Devil’s ½ Acre, Being wet & cold, I packed too much stuff, My buddy was sick and didn’t come, broke my shovel, it’s wet in the snow cave.

Roses: (what we liked): Sleeping in a snow cave, “I slept great”, snow

Buds: (hoping to improve next time): do more snow camping!!, Pack lighter, Bring more food, bring better gear/stronger shovel, bring more warm clothing, Complete an igloo and sleep in it.

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