Snow Camping

Snow Camping at Bennet Pass, February 2016
Historian Report:
The snow campout went great!  It had snowed a foot the day before. We picked up our snowshoes and headed to Bennett Pass for camping. We put on our snowshoes and ended up hiking a half mile in the wrong direction.  Upon arriving at camp we started building now caves and igloos. Many scouts and adults slept in caves but the igloos weren’t finished. The next morning we packed up, ate breakfast and left at 8:00am.  We returned our snowshoes, had scout circle,  followed by lunch at Calamity Jane’s.   We arrived home by 1:40.

Roses (what we liked): snowshoeing, sunrise on Mt. Hood, Sunny Weather, View of Mt. Hood, snow caving, staying warm at night, play in the snow, building Igloo

Thorns: (what we didn’t like): Wet Clothing, being cold, traffic on Saturday, not finishing snow cave/Igloo, slept poorly, slow packing caused no breakfast for some.  

Buds (what we want to do better next time): Dress warmer, drink more water, bring better food, pack up faster, build snow cave/Igloo. 

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