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Webelos Woods

When we arrived at stagecraft at about 7:00pm it was raining and dark,but we all went and set up the equipment we needed for the next day. After we set up our equipment most of the scouts went to cracker barrel, where there were lots of scouts, and cookies. After cracker barrel the troop headed […]

Butte Creek Horse Riding

When we arrived at Butte Creek on Friday night, a quiet fog held the valley in darkness, making our usual November destination seem a bit alien, as if we had never been here before. We set up our kitchens and our bunks in the adirondacks waiting in the trees just a few steps off the […]

Summer Camp 2017

2017 Camp Meriwether Summer Camp For summer camp, the troop went to Camp Meriwether on the Oregon coast. Scouts enjoyed an exciting week full of various activities such as merit badges, hiking, competitions, water sports, shooting sports, high adventure, and more! Some highlights of the week were the beach party Thursday afternoon, the hullabaloo, and […]