Nanitch Campout


Nanitch Campout – Jan 2016

The troop arrived at Nanitch Point Saturday morning January 16. We hiked 1/4 mile with our food boxes and gear up the steep hill to the lodge. After orientation by the lodge directors, the pirates patrol started cooking pizza for dinner while Hunters patrol prepared in advance for breakfast. Most of the troop enjoyed tubing on the hill. Dhruva and Timothy constructed a snow cave and slept in it all night.

Sunday morning Hunter patrol (+Ryker) rose at 5am to make breakfast. At 8am we left for skiing at Teacup lake. We had a skiing lesson and enjoyed skiing until 2:30. The wet, tired scouts returned skis to the rental shop and hiked back to the lodge. We were joined by 2 visiting Webelos. The Griffans patrol made delicious dinner of chicken, mac & cheese and salad. We played games and went outside for more tubing.

Monday morning was a big effort for cleaning the lodge and moving our equipment back down the hill.

Injuries: head scrape (while tubing), twisted ankle (while skiing), 2nd degree burn (while cooking)

Things we liked: staying for 2 days , playing games, skiing/learning to ski, mac & cheese dinner, snow!, snow play, tubing, weather, “wahoo gulch”

What we didn’t like: following lodge rules (scouts), enforcing the lodge rules (scoutmaster, SPL, leadership), not enough skiing, scouts throwing things, some meals too small, getting sick/injured, getting wet and cold, forgot some things at home (water bottle..etc)

What to do better next time: better food, learn how to move as a troop effectively, skiing more, do the wood Chop again next year

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