Family Camp

family camp

Historian Report for Family Camp

April 8 – 10, 2016

19 youth and their families camped at Scouter Mountain.  The Theme was “Scouts in space”.  Activity stations included Alien candle making, bottle rocket design, a scavenger hunt, a one-leg alien race and much more.   

Winners of the Scavenger hunt are the Racoons (Josh, Gabe, Nick), the group, the group (Lang-Guerre family) and “Aaron and Benji”.  .

Winners of the Rocket Launching contest were Milo’s rocket: “ I don’t know”,  Andrew’s “Duck tape please sponsor me” and Xavier Denis with “Red Fighter”

Thorns (what we didn’t like): hot Boxcars, wets socks, lack of coffee filters (chunky coffee), wet grass, Mosquitoes, cleaning up sugar packets in the fort.

Rose (what we liked): Staying in the fort, Scouter Mountain, Sunny weather, candle making, great bugling by Paul, games, feeling accepted, boxcars, lots of sweet snacks, being outside with friends, new friends, Making rockets, lentils at dinner.

Buds (changes for next time): more camping, more rockets, prepare better for activity stations, have more campers at family camp, better food, more advancement,  go to silver falls next year.