Canoeing on the Willamette

Historian report by Timothy:

From August 26th to 29th, 9  scouts went on a 50 mile canoe trip on the Willamette River. Starting in the town of Independence on Saturday morning, the first day of the trip was 23 miles to Willamette mission. After staying the night there, scouts pulled tires and trash out of the river as a service project. The next night, the group stayed at Candiani Bar where they picked up more tires and trash. Afterwards, they had a campfire on the bar. On Monday, the group finished travelling the last 11 miles and ended at Champoeg park with canoe swamping and a feast. Scouts enjoyed floating down the currents in the river, swamping canoes, meeting people along the way, finding tires, and the feast. They did not like the mosquitoes, carrying tires, getting dirt in the canoe, not being able to have a fire, and setting up tents. Next time, they plan to bring less gear and bring bug repellent. It was a really fun trip, and the group can’t wait to do more high adventure in the future!

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