Camp Meriwether

Camp Meriwether Superweekend

We arrived at camp in the pouring rain and slept at Council Bluff. The view of the ocean was incredible. We woke up the next day to get ready for all the activities which consisted of shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, and black powder), climbing, and trail to first class. After the long day we went to the beach to have a campfire. It was a summer camp in a weekend.

Thorn, Rose, Bud

  • Thorn Rain at night, lack of desired gear, metal detector didn’t find anything, didn’t take opportunity to shoot, sand in my shoes, tired after the climbing wall, missing socks, missed rifle targets, not knowing scout’s own songs
  • Roses Camping, Beach View, Island 618, Fast Cleanup, Shooting and Climbing tower, Building sand castles, games, black powder rifle, cooking, beach campfire
  • Buds More camping, Shoot the shotgun, bring better food and more of it

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