Butte Creek Horseback Riding

Troop 618 and visiting Webelos arrived at Butte Creek on friday night. We had crackle barrel and went to sleep that night. We woke up in the morning to eat breakfast then go horseback riding. We got the choice of a calm, in between, and wilder horse to ride. Then we took a rain adventure through the forest on horseback. After that we launch some bottle rockets. To end the day we had campfire with crew 240. The next morning we went to cowboy chapel. The camp out was marvelous.

Thorns (what we didn’t like): Dirty Cabins/Litter/Trash, Rain, Wet Clothing & Gear Failure, Forgot butter for grilling, Stinky Kybo

Roses (What we liked): Horse Riding, Camping with Crew 240, Great Food! (pizza and others), Patrol Mixing, Cowboy Church, Racoons cleaned their gear for the first time, Fun in the mud, Falling in a puddle, Staying up late talking and being with friends, Rain gear that worked, finding a hatchett,  Jarod showing good leadership – stepping up to be SPL, Campfire in heavy rain

Buds (What we’d like to improve): Be Cleaner, camp in dry weather, Do the full day horse ride (very popular by vote), have better rain gear, bring more dry clothing. 

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