Butte Creek

Butte Creek Campout  – Fall 2015

Historian Report by Ryker Davis

Troop 618 camped at Butte Creek the weekend of Nov 13-15, 2015. We arrived at a wet camp friday evening. After setting up sleeping bags in Adirondacks, we gathered for cracker barrel snack time and LNT training (Leave no trace). Saturday morning we cooked a delicious hot breakfast and went horseback riding. It was scary, and exciting at the same time. The horses walked carefully on the muddy trail to the peak of the butte. We returned by a different path which was shorter and mostly on firm roads. Afternoon found us at the archery range and playing boffer swords. Then we fixed dinner and wrote skits for campfire. After campfire we played cards and other games. Overnight brought more than an inch of rain. We had breakfast, packed up, and had scout’s own time before the drive home. Over all it was a great camp out with lots of fun!

Thorns (didn’t like): Smelly Kybo, sleeping poorly, schoolwork waiting at home, rainy weather, small patrol, poorly cooked food, too much too do :)
Roses (liked!!): good weather, boffer swords, campfire, horses, camping, archery, well-cooked food, helping other troops.
Buds (something to improve for next time): Leadership skills, better cooking, do more camping!, more horseriding


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