Timothy Lake

Backpacking at Timothy Lake

When we arrived at Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood, we loaded up our backpacks and headed out to camp. It was an amazing 4 mile hike with stunning views of the lake. We stopped for lunch and then headed to Meditation Point. Just as we got to camp, the rain started and continued through the night. We set up our tents and had a short hike around the peninsula. A number of boys enjoyed skipping rocks in the lake. Then we made dinner and got a fire started.  After drying out our clothes a little, we had a short campfire program and went to bed. The next morning, the rain had cleared and we had a beautiful view of the lake and the dam across the way. We headed out of camp around 9:30 and hiked back along the trail to the cars. On the way back, we stopped at Little Crater Lake for lunch and Scout’s Own before heading home.

Thorns (what didn’t go so well): The rain, not bringing the right gear, tent/sleeping bags got wet, didn’t get a chance to build survival shelter

Roses (what scouts really liked): Hiking, the views of lake, skipping rocks in the lake, that the rain stopped

Buds (what could be better in the future): Getting out of camp sooner in the morning, bring better rain gear, pack less stuff to carry, do more backpacking20151010_105931 DSCF1934 20151011_074657 DSCF1968 20151011_094717 20151011_094053