• Nanitch Campout – Jan 2016
  • Butte Creek Campout  – Fall 2015
  • Weblos Woods 2015
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Nanitch Campout – Jan 2016

The troop arrived at Nanitch Point Saturday morning January 16. We hiked 1/4 mile with our food boxes and gear up the steep hill to the lodge. After orientation by the lodge directors, the pirates patrol started cooking pizza for dinner while Hunters patrol prepared in advance for breakfast. Most of the troop enjoyed tubing […]

Butte Creek Campout – Fall 2015

Historian Report by Ryker Davis Troop 618 camped at Butte Creek the weekend of Nov 13-15, 2015. We arrived at a wet camp friday evening. After setting up sleeping bags in Adirondacks, we gathered for cracker barrel snack time and LNT training (Leave no trace). Saturday morning we cooked a delicious hot breakfast and went […]

Weblos Woods 2015

Historian Report for Weblos Woods: Troop 618 arrived at Camp Meriwether at 7pm friday Oct 16. We carried our cooking gear from the parking lot to  Homestead site and setup tents at Baden-Powell. At Webelos Woods, groups of cub scouts visit our station every 30 minutes from 9am to 4pm (with a 1 hour lunch […]