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Canoeing on the Willamette

Historian report by Timothy: From August 26th to 29th, 9  scouts went on a 50 mile canoe trip on the Willamette River. Starting in the town of Independence on Saturday morning, the first day of the trip was 23 miles to Willamette mission. After staying the night there, scouts pulled tires and trash out of the […]


Backpacking at Red Lake and Potato Butte The small group of scouts disembarked their cars at the trail head full of pent-up energy and more than ready to stretch their legs on a steep uphill climb. And that they did; each was carrying a full backpack filled with enough gear to stay overnight, and their […]

Water Sports

Water Sports at Camp Royce-Finel We arrived at Cullaby Lake County Park just as the sun dropped below the trees, pulled our backpacks out of our cars, and started along the trail. After about a mile of bushwhacking our way around to the east side of Cullaby Lake, we arrived at Royce Finel, finding campsites […]