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Camp Meriwether

Camp Meriwether Superweekend We arrived at camp in the pouring rain and slept at Council Bluff. The view of the ocean was incredible. We woke up the next day to get ready for all the activities which consisted of shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, and black powder), climbing, and trail to first class. After the long […]

Webelos Woods 2016

Historian Report for Webelos Woods (2016): We arrived at Camp Meriwether Friday night and we started setting up our station at Stagecraft.  Then we went to our campside (Pirates) where we stayed the weekend. The following morning we woke up and ate breakfast.  Then we went back to our station to welcome the Webelos to […]

Rafting Trip in the Deschutes

September 2016.  As we step off the bus, we heard the sound of the roaring rapids of the Deschutes River. Scouts boarded the rafts with guides to tackle the Deschutes River. We ventured through class 1 to class 3 rapids. Then we stopped for a delicious lunch break at the city park. Then we continued […]