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November 2014 Campout: Archery at Butte Creek

We had an archery themed camping trip in the month of November. The scouts recall this as being one of the coldest November campouts that they have ever been on. With temperatures reaching well below freezing, it was good that the scouts all brought the necessary gear. Scouts also enjoyed activities such as firing bows […]

Wilderness Survival Campout

    On the weekend of October 11, the troop enjoyed a fun backpacking trip up the slopes of Mt. Hood.  After a 2 mile hike into camp, the scouts built shelters out of logs, sticks, tarps, and rope to stay the night in.  On Saturday evening, it began to rain.  Many of the shelters […]

Rafting trip

We enjoyed an outing that many scouts will never forget.  We stayed at Camp Baldwin for two days, and enjoyed watching the stars at night.  On Saturday morning, we got up early and left for the nearby town of Maupin, Oregon.  After a very short bus ride, we got on rafts and began our journey […]

50-miler canoe trip

  The older scouts went on 50-mile canoe trip on the Willamette!              

Summer Camp 2014 – Camp Baldwin (Mt Hood)

The highlight of the year ( summer camp! ) was on Mt Hood – Camp Baldwin! Scouts enjoyed canoeing, hiking, archery, swimming in a lake, and cooking their own food – just to name a few!               

Fort Stevens: Bicycling

This weekend the troop had a sunny cycling campout at F.T Stevens, OR.  The fort was established during World War Two and was armed to protect the Columbia River as well as the Pacific Ocean. No battle was ever fought in the area.   The main activities were removing Scotch broom- an invasive species from […]